Sep 26 to Oct 02

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Discover expertly curated Scotch whisky delivered to your door every month.

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Alt Milk

Changing the dairy-free industry with a fresh, cold-pressed, quality almond milk.

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A trusted community for people to save money and space by renting or sharing almost anything.

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The world's only bicycle that automatically keeps the rider upright, even when they tip or wobble.

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21st century watch buying and selling. Hand-inspected, certified, pre-owned watches.

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wDrop is the immediate and exciting way to connect with those literally around you.

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Faver completely revolutionises ecommerce and provides a truly personalised shopping experience.

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Home delivery service for local independent shops.

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Revolutionary technology to cut food waste in half.

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bricklane allows a new generation of savers to own a stake in their city.

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Street Stream

Street Stream cuts out the middle man, connecting you directly with couriers that care.

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Buying, Selling, Trading made simpler and safer on campus.

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Transform anything into a unique musical instrument.

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uperior quality protein bars that taste so good you will forget they are made from insects.

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Mr Brown

Mr. Brown is London’s first door-to-door marketplace for furniture.

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View your tax and MOT expiry dates, review your MOT history and check your vehicle's mileage history

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From simply trading vintage wears, to customising and re-working old gems.

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The ultimate sleep sanctuary. Relax Easier. Sleep Better. Travel Smarter.

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Wardrogue is an online to offline platform that helps users discover fashion near them.

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Discover food the way you've always wanted but rarely had.