Expand is a new product discovery website focused on digital products for the UK market. We've designed the site for B2C products of all kinds from mobile and web apps to the latest hardware tech or cool gadget.

The idea came from serial entrepreneur Dan Jacobs who noticed when launching his startup No More Filing that there wasn't a startup product discovery website that caters for apps which have been designed specifically for the UK market.

Having reached out to the community it was clear that startups want this kind of showcase, Sam Lester and James Keal of startup design consultancy Inktrap quickly joined the founding team and together we've created this site as an MVP.

We're planning on adding features that allow users to give feedback, reviews from experts and special offers from product makers in the near future.

Please feedback to us here or drop us an email!

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Dan Jacobs

Dan is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded enthuse.me, No More Filing and Hello HR in the past five years. He is also an advisor and mentor to startup founders.

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Sam Lester

Sam is co-founder of Inktrap, a startup design studio based in East London. Primarily a UX/UI designer, his technical background means his skills extend to front-end and Ruby-on-Rails development as well.

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James Keal

James is co-founder of Inktrap, he has a passion for UX loving all things startup or app related. He enjoys making UI gifs and uses Citymapper religiously.